About Us

Fytiko Farms is an innovative company focused on:

  • Industrial Hemp production
  • Cultivation
  • Seed and Clone production and sale
  • The processing and sale of the various byproducts from the Hemp plant.

Fytiko’s principals have experience as generational farmers and investors in the Hemp industry since 2014.  Fytiko’s corporate offices are located in Wyneewood, Oklahoma and our infrastructure spreads across Oklahoma and Georgia.  With a farmer first approach, Fytiko’s goal is to construct a vertically integrated Industrial Hub serving Hemp farmers in the Southwest and Southeastern United States participating in the Hemp industry.

Fytiko’s mission is to become a leader in the Oklahoma hemp industry to grow this versatile and sustainable crop. In February, 2019 Murray State College and Fytiko Farms reached a collaborative agreement to engage in the development and promotion of new technologies through research, education, and collaboration in the creation of stable, reliable seed stock for industrial hemp and the cultivation of industrial hemp inside the State of Oklahoma as permitted by the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agriculture Pilot Program.

In 2019, we will expand production at our farm and continue to recruit qualified farmers in Oklahoma to utilize Fytiko contacts, infrastructure, growing methods and SOP’s.  We will purchase a commercial dryer system and an extraction/processing unit.  Our model will provide for vertical control of the supply chain and will be structured to handle the fast-paced growth to address multiple markets.

Our Regional Hub Local Hemp Hub will include:

  • Greenhouse Propagation
  • Regional Supply & Fulfillment
  • Up to 100 Acre Production
  • Regional Growing and Harvest Support
  • Tolling Services
  • Distribution Center