About Us

Fytiko Farms is an innovative company focused on Industrial Hemp production and Low THC Oil Production.  In Oklahoma, the Company is engaged in the Cultivation, Seed and Clone production and sale, and the processing and sale of the various byproducts from the Hemp plant. Fytiko Farms Georgia is applying for a Class 2 Low-THC Oil Production License that will be issued by the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission and the State of Georgia.

Fytiko’s principals have experience as generational farmers and have been involved in the Hemp industry since 2014. Fytiko’s corporate offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and our infrastructure spreads across Oklahoma and Georgia.

Fytiko Farms & Genetics

In 2019, Fytiko Farms has been approved to plant up to 100 acres of Hemp in Oklahoma utilizing select varietals specifically targeted for their genetics. Fytiko is certified as a Seed Dealer by the State of Oklahoma and we have some of the highest quality genetics in the country. We have 5 different strains and are excited about crossbreeding and genetics in our goal to provide farmers in Oklahoma the top quality seed available.

Fytiko Pharma

The Company is collaborating with CURE Pharmaceutical through supply of high-quality hemp extracts that have been cloned and characterized for optimal use in CURE’s innovative dosage forms such as oral thin films and chewables. Fytiko’s laboratory will conduct activities such as hemp strain improvement; cannabinoid extraction process development, product development and testing; and biomarker identification.

Fytiko Processing

Fytiko Extraction is the extraction operational division of the Company. This division will provide farmers with an extraction solution for their biomass as we will partner with other extractors to develop fair reliable scalable contracts for biomass purchase for farmers converting from other crops. Our laboratory partnership will support our processing business by offering local farmers an Industrial Hub where they can produce high quality CBD oil and other byproducts from their harvest.